Povorov A. Alexander, Director General of BMT ltd is going to deliver a report "Innovative technology to produce Ultra pure de-mineralized water, based on Ion exchange without Mixed-bed resin filters" at the Fifth All-Russian  research conference "Efficiency increase of Heat and Power engineering equipment", November 1-3, 2010 at Power Engineering University in Ivanovo. Leading specialists in the field of Power engineering are expected to participate at the conference.

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Innovative technology for producing Ultra pure de-mineralized water based on ion-exchange without expensive mixed-bed filters, decarbonators and electric deionizers. You are guaranteed to reach water specific conductivity of max 0.1 microS/cm (specific electric resistance min 10 МОhm*сm at 20 °С) and Complete removal of free carbonic acid and silicon dioxide applying filters with strong base and strong acid ion-exchange resins.

The developed technology implementation permits to:

- produce ultra pure de-mineralized water of specific electric conductivity 18 МОhm*cm (at 20 0С);

- reduce capital investments to produce 1 m3 of highly desalinated water by 1,7 – 2,2;

- reduce operating costs to produce 1 m3 of highly desalinated water by 1,6 – 1,9.

The higehst economical benefit can be gained at Heat and Power engineering (processing water to feed high pressure and ultrahigh pressure boilers), and especially in the process of circulating condensate purification. 

Application: power engineering, oil-refining, chemical industry, microelectronics, biotechnology etc.

Patented technology

At energy.vladbmt.com  you can get infornation describing our Innovative technology of ultra pure de-mineralized water production, its comparison with the conventional technologies, pilot plants testing results, operational experience and lots of other data.

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