Povorov A. Alexander, Director General of BMT ltd is going to deliver a report "Innovative technology to produce Ultra pure de-mineralized water, based on Ion exchange without Mixed-bed resin filters" at the Fifth All-Russian  research conference "Efficiency increase of Heat and Power engineering equipment", November 1-3, 2010 at Power Engineering University in Ivanovo. Leading specialists in the field of Power engineering are expected to participate at the conference.

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“BMT” ltd. is a large-scale modern industrial-engineering company. Our staff has been professionally developing, designing and manufacturing water and waste water treatment equipment for various industries and municipal community services at our own production workshop.

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Our basic activities:

  • industrial water purification, softening, demineralization and desalination;
  • high-quality drinking water production from underground and surface water sources;
  • municipal waste water biological treatment;
  • shower and rain water, carwash circulating water treatment;
  • food processing enterprises waste water treatment;
  • electro-plating waste water and technological solutions treatment and recovery;
  • Lubricants processing, spent pickling solutions recovery;
  • treatment of solid waste landfill leachate.

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Major condition of our successful business is highly qualified engineering and technical staff of the company, which nowadays comprises over 300 specialists, Candidate of science, postgraduate students, scientists being among them. They publish their scientific reports and articles both in Russia and abroad.

Our company includes all structural departments required for providing complete turn-key range of services such as: project department with design and engineering group, Electric Automation, R&D, construction, starting-up and commissioning departments, service group, assessed laboratory and two manufacturing workshops of total area 4 000 m2, transportation and other services.

Executing the contracts «ВМТ Ltd» renders complete range services including:

  • technological and ecological survey of industrial and other objects;
  • technical projects development according to the latest achievements in the sphere of membrane technologies and conventional processing methods;
  • design and project documentation development, working projects creation;
  • batch and unit equipment production;
  • equipment tailor-making, starting-up and commissioning, turn-key installation;
  • guarantee and post-guarantee service;
  • technical consultation and personnel training.

All our equipment is supplied with all required control systems including integrated multilevel control and adjustment system based on Siemens controllers and SCADA visualization systems.

27 RF patents approve progressive, innovative attitude and high level of technologies developed by «ВМТ Ltd».

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